Oasys Water, Inc.

Primary Industry: Water

Organization Type: Product Company

222 Third Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States
Tel: 617-401-8735

Company Description:

Oasys Water is commercializing an innovative water treatment system designed for desalination and reuse of difficult to treat waste streams to produce fresh water. The process, Engineered Osmosis™ (EOTM), builds upon forward osmosis technology to provide a complete, on-site solution using low- temperature heat as an energy source. The result is a dramatic reduction in the cost to desalinate valuable water sources, virtually anywhere.

Oasys Water’s patented process can treat waters with high dissolved solids and replace multi-stage, centralized treatment systems requiring high-pressure equipment. EO removes 100 percent of the suspended solids and greater than 99 percent of the salt present in industrial waste streams, reverse osmosis concentrate and produced water from oil and gas operations.