Sure Grid

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product Company

7004 Bee Caves Road
Austin, Texas
United States
Tel: 512-820-8544

Company Description:

SureGrid’s software platform converts thousands of commercial and industrial buildings into virtual power plants. SureGrid is the leading energy solutions provider and is the only company to offer truly automated (no-touch) Cloud-based Intelligent Load Management Technology. By monitoring and controlling major energy consuming devices such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, signage and more, SureGrid technology enables each building to dynamically interact with the electrical grid based on local business rules and real-time asset and environmental conditions. The SureGrid platform is customized in a building to leverage existing building controls. SureGrid engineers work with the facilities team to establish predefined strategies based on price or emergency response preferences. Due to its unique technology, SureGrid is able to ensure that Demand Response takes place only when all mechanical equipment is functioning properly and all business requirements are met. The SureGrid solution is a cost effective, highly scalable, dynamic aggregation platform. It is fully automated, available in minutes in a specific area or over all areas. The platform monitors resources in real time and dynamically recalculates the appropriate aggregation at the individual site level every few minutes to maintain a consistent overall aggregated load reduction, which is presented in real time.