GridManager A/S

Primary Industry: Software/Internet

Organization Type: Technology Development

Livoevej 23
Viborg Denmark

Company Description:

GridManager vision: Transforming the world from Carbon based to renewable energy, provides Utilities around the world with a unique opening to introduce new service based business opportunities.

The Average Consumer will become far more involved, and will demand services that enable them to monitor and control their CO2 footprint. Participation in Demand Response programs must be provided as a service, whereby the educated consumer will endorse it.

GridManager is a partner that in cooperation with IBM can provide the technology platform needed to develop these new services offerings. Services are the key for future markets. It’s vital that the consumers are presented with complete solutions to their challenges on keeping their CO2 footprint down. Services already implemented are:

· Online monitoring of consumption

· Monitoring of consumption to identify potential leaks

· Integration of dynamic energy prices, and Demand Response

GridManager’s technology is: An open platform on which new integrated services can be developed and deployed rapidly. It comprises of all aspects needed:

· Cost effective sub meters

· Internet based communication infrastructure

· Database infrastructure

· Messaging backbone for online integration with Demand response programs

· Web portal middleware

The solution initially developed on the platform is focused on Industrial and Commercial consumers. It’s flexible.

GridManager has been: Granted and IBM Business partner ship. The system infrastructure has been developed with the support of IBM, and is guaranteed by IBM to be scalable to their standards.