Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Energy Production - Renewables

Dubai United Arab Emirates

Company Description:

RUBENIUS Group is making a difference. From utility efficiency solutions to the latest innovations in energy storage, RUBENIUS Group is implementing billions of dollars in pioneering smart technologies for a better tomorrow. They are changing the way people think about energy efficiency and storage, delivering serious bottom-line savings all over the planet. Headquartered in Dubai (UAE), it has a global presence and together with its affiliates, has more than 1,900 employees.

During his first ten years in the utility sector, founder and Chairman Claus Rubenius pioneered and developed groundbreaking technology for the management and control of utility assets. He is now dedicated to applying that technology towards his ultimate vision for the company ¬ø clean water and green energy for everyone on the planet.

As Chairman of RUBENIUS, Claus is in constant discussion on game-changing ideas with the world’s smartest engineers and sits down with political leaders to find innovative long-term solutions to their immediate energy needs.

RUBENIUS Group installed the world’s first comprehensive holistic smart grid for water and electricity and is development of the world’s largest dynamic energy storage facility. Mexico’s President Calderon, in December 2010, announced and commented at COP16/CMP6 the company’s expansion into Baja California (Mexico) and San Diego (California), with a project which will create the next generation of renewable energy solutions and efficient delivery of electricity, involving the world’s first energy warehouse. Press releases and link to video can be found at