Quanta Technologies, Inc.

Building Products Division

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

5 Great Valley Parkway
Suite 349
Malvern, Pennsylvania
United States
Tel: 610-644-7101

Company Description:

Quanta Technologies is an Energy Efficiency Technology Company that develops, manufactures, distributes and markets advanced coating materials, products and technology for the following applications: 1) Energy Conservation (e.g., Building Products: Low-E Storm Windows), 2) Renewable Energy Production (e.g., Photovoltaics) and 3) Energy Efficient Devices (e.g., Solid State Lighting). The company is currently focused on its Building Products Line of Business where it provides a product that reduces the energy losses through windows by 52%.

The QuantaPanel" Insulating Glass System employs low emissivity (low-E) glass in an aluminum frame and can be installed on the outside or inside of a residential window (it is essentially a Low-E Storm Window). The US DOE has demonstrated via computer simulations, live head-to-head