Renewable Power Division

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

Plot. No. 5A, NH-3, Industrial Estate
Maraimalai Nagar
Chennai India
Tel: +91-9150042756

Company Description:



º Design, fabrication, performance and achieved kiln temperatures beyond 1200¬ C using biomass gasifiers for the firing of refractory are in ceramic industries.

º Sugar cane bagasse, Saw dust, Rice husk and any other agricultural wastes from Powdery biomass to thermal as well as Electricity power generation through Gasification.

º Decentralized technologies for operation of Jaggery plant, modern rice mills and oil extraction industries and also other small industries like paper & board industry, metal melting, bakeries etc.

º Create awareness programme for educating on green energy to the globe.

º To Protect OZONE layer depletion.

Sugar Programme:

We will provide consultancy on the following areas:
Study report for plant modernization of existing plants,
Study report for plant capacity expansion of existing plants,
Capacity utilization by improving Process Technology,
Study report for steam and power conservation,
Trouble-shooting of any equipments,
Erection and commissioning of New plants,
Servicing of equipments and Annual maintenance Contract,
Manpower supply for sugar plant operations,
Hi-Tech Jaggery Plant with highly Hygienic,
Briquetting plant,
Green Plantation,

Power Programme:

The core team comprises wits of scientist Dr. A. Saravanakumar and Dr. K. Vinoth Kumar who completed M.Sc., Ph.D., in Bio-Energy through National Renewable energy Fellowship Programme under Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (Government of India) selected through Centre for Energy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology carried out the research in Department of Bio-Energy, School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources at Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai-625 021. With research tenure of 10 years in the field of energy, Research & Development (Renewable Energy) division was instigated in our family from August, 2009 with our family and further instigated the field implementation of the developed technology. They share the expertise in the design and fabrication of large bulk density biomass gasifier, powdery biomass gasifier, innovative long-stick gasifier, high temperature solar concentrator (and other thermal systems), all-weather biogas systems, industrial waste water evaporation, and the like. Some of the targets achieved by the team are highlighted herein.

Research Expertise

1. Achieved breakthrough in the field of biomass gasification by developing high temperature gasifiers capable of delivering tar-free gas with very high gasification efficiency.

2. Fuel chip preparation process was totally eliminated by gasifying high dense and long-bio-mass (wood measuring up to 3 feet in length and 4 inch in diameter).

3. Achieved kiln temperatures beyond 1200¬ C using biomass gasifiers for the firing of refractories in ceramic industries.

4. Developed high temperature low-cost lining for critical components of high temperature gasifiers, which can find widespread applications in all high temperature devices and furnaces.

5. Designed and fabricated high temperature solar concentrators (>900o C), solar driers, solar still, solar water heaters and other solar thermal devices.

6. Completed lab-scale research for the development of biogas systems for all weather conditions.

7. Designed a scheme to evaporate the industrial wastes, employing solar energy and waste heat recovery.