PureVision Technology, Inc.

Primary Industry: Materials/Chemicals

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

511 McKinley Ave
Fort Lupon, Colorado
United States
Tel: 303-857-4530

Company Description:

PureVision has developed and patented a biomass fractionation technology that economically converts cellulosic biomass into biofuels, bio-chemicals and numerous value-added products including cellulosic biofuels, chemicals and protein. PureVisions technology continuously fractionates (separates) the three primary constituents of cellulosic biomass (hemicellulose, lignin and cellulose) in a single reactor. The process takes place in a matter of minutes inside a pressurized vessel, creating a new processing regime for recovering and utilizing abundant biomass. The PureVision approach is truly representative of a future cellulosic biorefinery with process versatility geared toward biofuel, biochemical or pulp platforms and lignin toward a biochemical platform. The versatility of the PureVision approach includes feedstock flexibility and the capability to employ multiple processing regimes that accomplish a wide range of intermediate chemicals and bioproducts. The modular, scalable equipment design facilitates implementation flexibility including large and smaller installations for both co-located and new biorefineries. PureVisions overarching strategy is to market and establish its technology as the key enabling technology for economical cellulosic biorefining. With only a handful of promising new pretreatment/ fractionation technologies to meet the growing demand for cellulosic biorefining and new bioproducts, PureVision represents a significant ground floor opportunity for investors seeking to capitalize on the growing worldwide demand for biofuels, bioproducts and new biomass conversion technologies.