Wind Power Services

Wind Energy Consultant Division

Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Energy Production - Renewables

PO Box 585
Sparks, Maryland
United States
Tel: 410 472 1081

Company Description:

Wind Energy consultant -33 years experience, aall aspects of wind energy- see Wind farm land development - wind turbine design - Litigation support, expert witness testimony, acquisition & condemnation, equipment and wind property appraisals, due diligence expert, Technology & patent research, turbine inspection, insurance claim expert witness, --prepare reorganization plans for bankruptcies -
Real Estate appraisals, project permitting, environmental & community relations management, Decommissioning /site restoration & revegetation - Utility power contracts - bid preparation & negotiation / green power trading / tariff analysis
Insurance claim and due diligence, turbine inspection - Technology & patent research

Power line / telecom ROW acquisition, permitting, & compliance; Method of Service design

Wind permits, land records, tax collector, court docket, business charter & history research

Wind resource site exploration, plant design, meteorological instrumentation, data analysis

ISO, FERC, DOE, CEC, PUC, BLM, & other regulatory analysis

Strong proven ability and intuitive skills in windplant production enhancement

Turbine & controller upgrades / retrofits, new systems developed and contract manufactured

Used turbines and Parts: buy & sell, -export, Site Repowering