Technical Proceedings of the 2014 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Cleantech 2014

Chapter 10: Nanoscale Materials

  1. Fast and Facile Synthesis of Stable and Biocompatible Silver nanoparticles Stabilized by Polyethylene Glycol
    S. Jain, S. Singh, S. Pillai
    Alabama State University, US
  2. A New Separation Metric for the Optimization of AF4 Separations of Polydispersed Nanomaterials
    A.A. Galyean, W.N. Vreeland, J.J. Filliben, R.D. Holbrook, H.S. Weinberg
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US
  3. Magneto-optic Response of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles under Pulsed and AC Fields
    M. Syed, T. Foulkes
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, US
  4. A New Biocomposite Electrode Sensor for the Detection of Oxidative Reactions
    D. Assan, X. Gao, J.C.K. Lai, S.W. Leung
    Idaho State University, US
  5. Soluble Graphene Hybrid Composite (GHC) by Physical Functionalization
    T.M. Le, H. Dinh, D. Dinh, K.C. Nguyen, T.T. Nguyen, G.V. Le
  6. Polymer nanocomposites reinforced with nanoparticles extracted from renewable resources
    A. Dufresne
    Grenoble Institute of Technology, FR
  7. Comparisons of electrochemical sensors for heavy metals detection based on filter paper and transparency film substrate
    N. Ruecha, N. Rodthongkum, D.M. Cate, O. Chailapakul, C.S. Henry
    Chulalongkorn Uiversity, TH
  8. Preparation of Photocatalytic Silicon Core-shell Nanoparticles Covered by ZnS Shell in Solid-Gas Reaction
    R. Dvorsky, P. Praus, L. Svoboda, D. Matýsek, T. Dropa, J. Trojková, K. Šollová
    VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, CZ
  9. Synthesis and characterization of nanoreactors within polymeric nanotemplates
    M. McTaggart, M. Groves, C. Malardier-Jugroot, M. Jugroot
    Royal Military College of Canada, CA
  10. Development of a Platinum Nanoparticle based Microcombustor Power Device
    S. Bakrania
    Rowan University, US
  11. CO2 reforming of CH4 by the combination of dielectric barrier discharge plasmas and zeolite catalysts
    H.H. Nguyen, K-S Kim
    Kangwon National University, KR
  12. Natural polyphenols as pro-ecological antioxidants and pigments for polymer composites
    A. Masek, M. Zaborski
    Lodz University of Technology, PL
  13. Degradability of polymeric composites (ENR/PLA) from renewable resources
    A. Masek, M. Zaborski
    Lodz University of Technology, PL
  14. Sustainable and high-performable nano-structured biopackaging materials
    M. Božič, M. Majerič, V. Kokol
    University of Maribor, SI
  15. Immobilization of AgZnO photocatalyst in Poly(acrylic acid) matrix and their photocatalytic activity evaluation
    A.B. Jasso-Salcedo, D. Meimaroglou, M. Camargo, S. Hoppe, F. Pla, V.A. Escobar-Barrios
  16. Advanced Coating for Energy Applications
    V. Veedu, J. Pollock
    Oceanit, US
  17. 3D Printered and Plasma Treated Superhydrophobic Mesh Filters for Oil-water Separation
    H.J. Lee, W. Jo, S. Lee, M.-W. Moon
    Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KR
  18. Mechanically Durable Superhydrophobic Nanocomposites from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
    A. Milionis, Y.H. Yeong, E. Loth, I.S. Bayer
    University of Virginia, US
  19. A Novel Application Technique for Polymer Nanofibers in the Construction Industry
    A.L. Araya, R.F. Vargas, R. Cuevas, J.S. Chaves
    Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, CR

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