Technical Proceedings of the 2010 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2010

Chapter 6: Green Chemistry, Building & Construction

S. Iā€™izasa, M. Shigeishi, T. Namihira
Kumamoto University, JP
325 - 328
aggregate, concrete, pulsed power, recycle
In Japan, the most of waste concrete scraps have been eused as roadbed materials and the recycling ratio of waste concrete scraps has been kept over 95 % from 2000. However, it is expected that the demands of waste concrete scraps as roadbed materials would decrease even though the waste concrete scraps increase with the pulling down buildings in next decade. These facts mean that the recycling of waste concrete scraps would be in the negative situation. Therefore, the development of new recycling technology of waste concrete scraps is paramount importance in Japan. In this work, the pulsed power discharges inside of waste concrete scraps immersed in water were used to reproduce the coarse aggregate. It is confirmed that the technique can reporduce high-quality aggregate which is enogh for use in structural aggregate standardised as JIS A 5005 at lower energy consumption without emission of powder.
Recovery of High Quality Aggregate from Concrete Waste using Pulsed Power Technology