Technical Proceedings of the 2010 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2010

Chapter 6: Green Chemistry, Building & Construction

D. Kralj
ART-K, BusinessConsulting, SI
321 - 324
clean technology, lightweightconcrete, recycling, system approach, sustainable development
The challenge of addressing climate change in the context of moving society towards the environmental, economic and social goals of sustainability requires radical innovation of cleaner technologies and processes which meet individual and social needs at acceptable costs with significantly reduced environmental impacts [1]. This paper describes by the author examining business processes for promoting innovation for sustainability, and develops the argument that systems thinking and practice are needed to transform these processes.And Sustainable Development needs innovation. Innovation has received serious attention from social scientists, managers and public policy makers; however, this attention is still insufficient. This indicates that innovation is still a novelty (a science); it can be regarded as an engine for novel changes in social, economic and political arrangements in companies and other organizations as well as for society as a whole. To innovate is to create new ideas and to implement them in a useful way.
Clean Technology Requires a Systems Approach