Technical Proceedings of the 2010 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2010

Chapter 6: Green Chemistry, Building & Construction

Y. Ruksakulpiwat, P. Tonimit, J. Kluengsamrong
Suranaree University of Technology, TH
310 - 313
biopolymer, PLA, Jute
Jute fiber was used as a reinforcing fiber in poly (lactic acid) (PLA) composites. Natural rubber (NR) and epoxidized natural rubber (ENR) are used as impact modifiers of jute-PLA composite. The composite specimens were prepared by either injection molding or compression molding. Comparisons between the mechanical properties of the composites prepared from injection molding and compression molding were made (Figure 1-4). Results indicated that jute-PLA composites from injection molding showed higher tensile strength, Young’s modulus and impact strength than the composites from compression molding. Moreover, tensile strength and Young’s modulus of jute-PLA composites prepared from both molding techniques were higher than those of PLA. However, with the addition of the NR and ENR, the mechanical properties of the composites seemed to be lower.
Mechanical Properties of PLA-Jute Composites by Using Natural Rubber and Epoxidized Natural Rubber as Impact Modifiers : Effect of Molding Technique