Technical Proceedings of the 2009 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2009

Chapter 11: Clean and Sustainable Initatives and Communities

R.K. Bose
Bose Research & Development Inc, US
381 - 384
recovery, use methane gas liberated coal mines, land fills, oil refinery vent stacks
Bose Research & Development Inc is a VA State-Corp startup for the manufacture & retrofit installation of Bose patented “Anti-Air Pollution & Energy Conservation System on In-use cars,buses & trucks.The System is based on a new technology developed for high-speed, centrifugal separation of the lighter (16-30 mol.wt)~ pollutant but combustible gases(CH4, CO) in the automobile exhaustgas stream, from the heavier Carbon Dioxide(CO2) gases (of Mol.wt=44). The CH4, CO gases are re-cycled to the auto-engine.Where as, the CO2 is released to the atmosphere. This re-combustion of the pollutant gases increases the auto-engine’s fuel economy by 15% and reduces its lifecycle pollution by 35% as compared to its OEM Catalytic Converter.This has been proven in a US DOE-sponsored($40,000 )Grant Award Dynamometer Test Program. This System has been now improved by the addition of a Gas Compressor for the suction of the low-pressure Methane (CH4) gases liberated at 30~50% purity from Coal Mines, Municipal LandFills & Oil Refinery Vent Stacks, and compressing these gases to around 100 psig for driving the Gas Turbine of the BOSE Methane Gas Recovery System. The Bose Gas Recovery System is estimated to give 95% purity CH4, which can be sold to National Natural gas pipeline @ $15 per 1000cu.ft, or burnt in Internal Combustion Engine/AC Alternators to provide Electricity to the Industry @ 100% Return on Investment.
Methane Gas Recovery & Usage from Coal Mines, LandFills & Oil Refinery Vent Stacks