Technical Proceedings of the 2007 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2007

Chapter 1: Energy and Fuels

  1. Energy balance development in a cogeneration with biogas for H2 production by catalytic reforming.
    I.P. Hernández Rosales, A. Fernández Madrigal, L. García Serrano
    UNAM, MX
  2. Extracting unburnt coal from black coal fly ash
    M. Kusnierova, P. Fecko
    Slovac Academy of Science, SK
  3. Bacterial desulphurization of brown coals
    P. Fecko, M. Kusnierova, M. Safarova, V. Cablik
    VSB-TU Ostrava, CZ
  4. Amorphous Diamond Solar Cells
    J.C. Sung, M-C. Kan, T-J. Hsiao and M. Sung
    KINIK Company, TW
  5. Integrated Multistage Supercritical Technology to Produce High Quality Vegetable Oil and Biofuels
    G. Anitescu, A. Deshpande, P.A. Rice and L.L. Tavlarides
    Syracuse University, US
  6. 8nm cerium oxide as a fuel additive for fuel consumption and emissions reduction
    G. Wakefield and M. Gardener
    Oxonica Materials Ltd, UK
  7. Effect of Surface Hydration and Interfusion of Suspended Silica Nanoparticles on Heat Transfer
    D. Milanova, X. Wu and R. Kumar
    University of Central Florida, US

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