Novel CNT-polymer Nanocomposites used in Oilfield for High Temperature, High Pressure Sealing


Post-annealing effect of copper phthalocyanine on enhancing the performance of green organic light-emitting diode


Engineering superhydrophobic and superoleophobic surfaces

Advanced Coating for Energy Applications


Hybrid Polymeric-Ceramic Nanostructured Materials


Nanobrush Structured Oligo(epsilon-caprolactone) as a Novel Plasticizer for the Manufacture of Eco-friendly Poly(vinyl chloride)

olive oil

A Portable Raman Sensor for the Rapid Identification of the Olive Oil

olivine FePO4

Promoting the activity of LiFePO4 (olivine) cathode of Li-ion battery by supramolecular complexes with single walled carbon nanotubes

olivine phospates

Activation of Phosphate Olivines LiMPO4 (M = Fe, Mn) by Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes: Application for Cathode Materials of Li-Ion Battery


Advanced Coating for Energy Applications

on-demand blending

Supporting biofuel distribution through F.A.ST. ™ on-demand, variable ratio blending with a review of climate controlled storing and dispensing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

on-line meter

Internet Based Inverter-Integrated Solar Power Meter System


New model of seven layers in PEMFC

online water quality monitoring

Fabrication and Testing of a Miniaturised Water Quality Monitoring pH and Conductivity Sensors

open channel measurement

The Importance of Accurate Open Channel Flow Measurement

operating conditions

Operating Conditions of Binary Mixtures of Biomass Wastes in Spouted Bed Contactors for Using Energy


Energy In A New Light - Transforming Corporate Energy Use into a Weapon of Strategy

Using Secuirty Monitoring Tool to Improve Operation of the Water Distribution System

The Effects of Bioaugmentation in Collection System

optical properties

Sodium Clusters for a Superior Light Source

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