life cycle

Integrating the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability with Life Cycle Environmental Assessments for Military Non-Lethal Technologies

Life cycle considerations for engineered nanomaterials: A case study for nano-enabled coatings on drywall

life cycle analysis

Nanomaterials down the drain: perception and reality

Valorization of Waste in a Gasification Plant to Clean Power Production

Life Cycle Analysis of Plastics in Southeast Queensland – Recycled Plastics versus Bio plastics in Electronics

life cycle assessment

Environmental Performance Assessment of Companies: Applying Life Cycle Assessment at the Enterprise Level

Eco-efficiency measurement for Hydrogen as an alternative public transportation fuel

Screening Level Cradle to Grave Life Cycle Assessment of a Conceptual Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Display Device.

Life Cycle Assessment of a Nano TiO2 Coating Self-Cleaning Float Glass

life cycle costing

Eco-efficiency measurement for Hydrogen as an alternative public transportation fuel

life cycle thinking

SUSTAINABLE steel production for the 2030s and beyond: the vision of the European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda

lift-off/transfer technique

Transfer of asymmetric free-standing TiO2 nanowire films for high efficiency flexible dye-sensitized solar cells

light devices

A comparative study over the photocatalytic activity of nanostructured TiO2 layers for air purifiers

light trapping

A New Class of Nonlinear Light Trapping for Photovoltaic Systems

Plasmonic Enhanced Light Trapping in a P3HT Photovoltaic

Periodic and Psuedo-Random Back-Reflector Nanoparticle Enhanced Light-Trapping in a Silicon Photovoltaic

Improved Nanophotonics Simulation Tools for Light-Trapping in Photovoltaics

light-emitting diode

New UV Technology for Point-of-Use Water Disinfection

Efficiency of Point-of-Use Water Disinfection Using Deep UV Light Emitting Diode Technology


Quantum Dot Enhanced Rugate Filtering and Light Trapping

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