Academia-Industry Collaboration (AIC)-Synchrophasor Engineering Education Program

Department of Energy: National Energy Technology Laboratory Deadline: January 15, 2013

Spotlight Interview: William F. (Bill) Lawrence, Chief Technologist, Energy & Cyber Services, Lockheed Martin Corp.

TechConnect World corporate speaker Bill Lawrence tells TechConnect about Lockheed Martin’s technology and solution areas of interests

Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy: A Joint Research Funding Opportunity Announcement USDA, DOE

Department of Energy: Office of Science Deadline: February 25, 2013

Major Research Instrumentation Program

National Science Foundation Deadline: February 21, 2013

Innovation Spotlight: Waste Heat Recovery Using the SolarHeart Stirling Engine

Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit Innovation Tracker: Cool Energy, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Honolulu, HI, 2012

Algal Scientific Wins Top Prize at Annual Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition

TechConnect Innovation Tracking: Motiv Power Systems, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Boston, MA, 2011

TechConnect Announces BASF as Platinum Sponsor and Innovation Accelerator at the Co-Located 2013 National Innovation Summit and TechConnect

Taking place in the nation's capital, BASF to join global leaders and innovators focused on technology development and commercialization.

Innovation Spotlight: Ultra high efficiency and lightweight solar cells

Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit Innovation Tracker: Alta Devices, TechConnect Accelerator participant-Honolulu, HI, 2012